Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lilly and her Purple Plastic Purse go to Career Day

Today was career day in the K-5 class at Calvary Acadamy, our church school. I was invited to come and talk to the children about being a teacher. When I arrived, I found a darling group of excited children. They were dressed as firemen, policemen, a baker, a train conductor, a veterinarian, a preacher, and there was one teacher in the bunch. Because I teach Sunday school, and we follow a rotation program, I know many of the young children in our church well. However, I had not worked with this group before, and they were a joy to get to know. They were so eager and bright.

They gathered around me on a large rug and I introduced the book to them. I chose Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse because Lilly is such a funny, captivating chararcter and because in this book, she loves her teacher, and she wants to be a teacher. We talked about the terms author and illustrator and went through some vocabulary I thought might be new for them and then settled in to enjoy the story.
Lilly loves school, and as I said before, she loves her teacher. One day after going shopping with her Grammy, Lilly takes her sparkly, new, movie star sunglasses and her new purple plastic purse, which contains three shiny quarters, to school with her. She is so eager to show off her exciting new possessions that she simply cannot wait until recess or sharing time. That's when the trouble begins.

The children enjoyed hearing about Lilly's antics. Lilly is a character I never get tired of. If you have a child, be sure to check out the books by Kevin Henkes. He has a number of books for children of different ages. And if you don't have a child in your life? Hmmm. These books are too good to miss. I bet you can find a child to share them with. Or just read 'em yourself. There's a little bit of kid in all of us.

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