Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall at the Farm (Part I): Family, Friends, Fellowship, Food, Fishin', Four-wheelin', Foliage, Food, Foodplots, Furry and Feathery Critters, FUN !

OK, sorry for the overload of alliteration in the title, but I just couldn't resist, and it really does all apply.
Tim and I love spending time at the farm. We go there most Friday afternoons and come back in time for church on Sunday mornings. It's a world apart from our life in the city. No matter what time of year or what the weather is like, it's a wonderful retreat.
But there's something special about the farm in the fall. The summer haze has given way to a vivid, blue sky. The clean, country air is crisp. The views from our house on a knoll partway up the Cascade Mountains, allow us to the enjoy the changing colors of the leaves. It's a great time to be outside.
This fall has been no exception. Tim and I have spent many enjoyable days at the farm. Sometimes it's just us and Nick, our Lab. Other times we've enjoyed the company of friends
In early October, we had the delight of hosting the Summit on a Saturday afternoon. The weather turned out perfect for a fall outing. That morning it was chilly and rainy. I wasn't too concerned about the chill, but I was afraid the rain would pose a problem. By that afternoon, the rain had stopped, the sun was out, and it got so warm, I had to discard my sweatshirt and pumpkin sweater vest for a tee.

The Summit is the college and career group at our church. John, who spends most of his time working these days, was actually able to come. He was so excited to have the afternoon off and be at the farm with his friends. The plan was to play paintball and of course, eat. Ordinarily, Tim would not have minded the kids using the woods for the paintball course, but deer season was approaching. He didn't want a lot of human activity and scent in the woods, so he got on Juice II, his tractor, and moved recently cut hay bales around and created a course in the field behind the house. It worked out great. The guys played a game, then the girls, then everyone headed back to the house to eat Sante Fe soup prepared by Marilyn and Leslie. They and their husbands, Chris and Nick, help coordinate Summit events.
I invited my good friend, Kim W., out to join me. We sat in the cab of the truck and watched the games. We had talked about sitting in the bed of the pickup, but we were glad we stayed in the cab. The windshield took a lot of hits!

After fun and food, we gathered inside for a devotional. Chris asked Tim, Kim, and I to say a few words. Then we closed with prayer - always a perfect ending. A perfect ending for a perfect day.
Headin' out to the field

John and Joey: strategy session
Gun-totin' girls: from top to bottom Katie, Anna, & Amanda. These are such girly girls. I see them at church all decked out in fancy clothes & hairdos and high heels. It was fun to see them in a different setting. They had no trouble holding their own in a paintball shoot-em-up!

Tim and Aaron watching the fun

Kim and me. We've been friends since we were teenagers.

Joey came prepared for paintballing in the woods. I told him, "I see men as trees walking."

Pretty girls: Ashley, Taylor, and Belinda

Anna rolling a hay bale

Nathalie - these boots are made for paintballin'

Four-wheelin' friends

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