Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Pictures Through the Years

Growing up, our Christmas tree stayed up until New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. And, here in the Little Rock area, I still feel like it's Christmas as long as I look out over the city and see the dome of the state capitol building all lit up for the season. So, in that spirit, I am still posting Christmas pictures.

I really had intended to post these last week, but we had technical difficulties here at the house, and then we went to the farm for Christmas where we have no internet connection. So, I'm just now able to get it done.

Can anyone guess who this beautiful little baby girl is with John and me in 1985? ( One hint, she's married. Okay, two, then. She doesn't live here anymore.)

Mother, Kim, John and me, 1985. Can you see that "binky" in his mouth? Little did he know it, but the end was near for the binky. A few days later on New Year's Day, acting on a tip from my friend, Sherry D., I cut off the nipple, told him it was "broke," and that was it. He whined a little for a few days, but it was not as bad as we expected. We tried to find all the binkies hidden under cushions, furniture, toys, and goodness knows where else, and throw them away. Occasionally, one would surface, and we would scramble to get it before he caught sight of it.

We sent this out with Christmas cards in 1986. I started making this little outfit, but then I had to go back to work, so I got someone else to finish it. I loved to sew for John and dreamed that someday, when he was a big boy, I'd have a little girl to sew for. Can you see that bruise on his forehead? This child looked like a case of abuse at times because he had so many tumbles. He was definitely "all boy" even though his momma dressed him up in these sweet little clothes.

Leaving milk and cookies out for Santa at Me-me and Grandad's house in Liberal, KS, 1987. For the record, we read a book to John called "Santa, Are You For Real?" It explained the history of Santa and how he was not "real," but rather a symbol. So, while John didn't believe Santa was real, we enjoyed this tradition. Each year, Santa not only ate the milk and cookies but also left a note thanking John for them and telling him what a good boy he had been that year. I still have the notes. Interestingly, they are written in Grandad's handwriting. :)

Grandad and John, Liberal, Kansas, 1988. Me-me, Tim's dear mother, was battling cancer, and had just had surgery about 3 months before this. She ordered many of our gifts from catalogs that year because she was not able to get out and shop. She was pleased that John enjoyed his gifts so much. I remember one was a tent that fit over the bed. He slept in it while we were there, and that made her so happy.

Nicole L. and John in the Wichita Children's Museum, 1989. This is from what we call John's "funny face period."

Mark and Tim playing a game at Mother's house, 1989 or '90. I don't know who had more fun with this game, the little boys or the big boys :)

Okay, Nina Brooke, this one's for you. I think you look absolutely adorable, elbows propped on the scoring table, chin cupped in your hands.

This is my class at our church school in 1990, with our gingerbread village. Each child made a gingerbread house, a tree out of a pinecone, and a snowman out of marshmallows. Bro. Nathan H., who was 10 that year, helped me make an old mill with a mill wheel. Can you see the wheel? We set it all up around a "pond" made of aluminum foil, and sprinkled "snow" generously all over it. What fun! I still get comments from these kids, who are now adults, about the gingerbread village.

1990, the "funny face period" continues :)

Our "deer" little boys, John and Brock, 1990.

1991. Oh what joy to have a little niece! I was absolutely crazy about Natalie. Well, we all were. Of course, we were crazy about Brock. We couldn't help ourselves. He was a gregarious, irresistable little fellow. But, Natalie was our only girl. And I finally got to go down the "pink aisle" at Toys R Us!!! Yay! I was the mommy of a little boy. I was the aunt of two little boys. I wore "Gee-Jie-Joe" bandaids because that's what we had at our house. I bought monster trucks and dump trucks, and wrecker trucks, and firetrucks, and books about trucks. Oh, I was so happy to get to go down the "pink aisle." This is a pink, yes pink!, Little Tykes vanity that we, along with Mother, got for Nat that Christmas when she was 2 years old. She loved it.

But what she really, really loved was these shoes we got her :)

This is later, on Christmas Day, at her house. Kim said Nat didn't want to take off those shoes.

Made her auntie a happy gal.

I miss those times.


Anonymous said...

Who is the little girl you are holding who is now married and doesn't live here any more? I am clueless...? =) Brittany C. Brewer

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Natalie @ any age!! ~Brittany C. Brewer

Susan said...

Ok, Brittany, I'll give you another clue. She is related to your husband. :)

Susan said...

Yes, my Nat is a sweetie isn't she?!

Anonymous said...

It took us a while, but we just figured out who the baby was in the picture. Jennifer Dyson/Love?
-Jackie & Jen

Susan said...

Yes, Jackie & Jen! You guessed right! How many of the children can you identify in the picture of the gingerbread village? Brittany told me Nina sent it out in an email and they had fun with that.

I figured out who the comment came from on Rylie - Deirdre!