Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fall at the Farm (Part 5): Joe, Diane, and Eric's visit

On a recent fall weekend, Tim and I had the pleasure of a visit from our friends from Chickasha, OK. Joe, Diane, and Eric arrived at the farm on a Thursday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The guys hunted on Friday. Tim got a buck. Diane and I went hunting too - bargain hunting in Conway and we bagged some great deals.

Here's Diane at Yours Truly, a super-nice consignment shop in Conway. I had learned about it only the previous week, when Kim W. and I went there. Diane and I had a blast. We couldn't believe the quality and the prices.

Here's Tim with his buck. He thought it was an eight point, but it turned out one of the antlers was broken. I asked Tim if it got broken off because the buck got in a fight with another buck. Those bucks are really territorial. But, he said no, it looked like it got broken when it was velvet.
Friday night we ate deer chili and played Uno.

On Saturday, the guys went hunting again. Diane and I had to go back to Conway :) The cashier at the store had left out a black skirt Diane was purchasing. That sure worked out well, because we found some more bargains!

"Um, excuse me, girls. Could I go with you? Tim won't let me go into the woods. I'll be so lonely when you leave. Don't you feel sorry for me?"
Here's Diane and me modeling our bargains.

There was wildlife in abundance all weekend. Diane and I teased the guys that we saw more deer from the house than they did on their stands. Really, Joe and Eric could have shot plenty of deer. I think they were trophy hunting.

We all saw a flock of turkeys from the house. Tim killed us a turkey for Thanksgiving. If you view my post, "A Farm Thanksgiving," you will see that this old girl turned out very nicely on Thanksgiving day.

Tim got this picture of an owl sitting on a hay bale.
Joel M., one of Tim's buddies, came out and joined the guys for the Saturday evening hunt. Diane and I cooked a big ole man-pleasing meal for them: baked pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, fried potatoes with onions, green beans with mushrooms and onions, and home-made pumpkin pie. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
Martha Stewart I am not. But, I thought the plates of food were colorful.

"Um, excuse me. That meat smells mighty tasty! Mister, could you spare a bone?"

I caved in to Nick's request. He's a hard fella to resist. I promise he just about talks with those eyes! I gave him all the pork chop bones. One had quite a bit of meat on it.

It was not a good idea. He was a very sick boy. No more rich table scraps for him!

On Sunday, we all went to church. The first time Tim went to a Pentecostal church, he and Joe went together. They were 18, and they each needed a life-changing experience. Although they did not know it that night, that marked the beginning of great changes in their lives. They have remained friends all these years.

After church, Gladys L., a darling Filipino gal who goes to our church, came to greet Diane. Diane is Filipino. You never saw two ladies happier to meet each other! It turned out they even spoke the same dialect! They talked up a storm! I couldn't understand a word of it, but it was obvious they were delighting in each other's company.

Here's Gladys and Diane.
After church we ate at Star of India. Then our friends headed back to Oklahoma.

We enjoyed you so much, Joe, Diane, and Eric! Come again, soon! (Turkey season is in April!)


Anonymous said...

hi Tim and Susan!!

Joe and I really enjoyed reading all the blogs that you wrote, as if it's a book:)We had fun looking all the pictures you posted from old to new pics.

I told Joe that we should go back to arkansas,and his eyes were flashing maybe because his guess was right: - the consignment store I loved to shop:)We are planning to go back on april-turkey season hopefuly!!:)

Well, Joe,eric and I really enjoyed staying there I can't wait to go back.Again, thank you very much for your being hospitable.


Joe and Diane

Susan said...

Diane, thank you for your kind comments.

We enjoyed your visit so very much. Girl, you talk those guys into coming back to turkey hunt, and we'll go shopping again!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, Joe, & Eric!

Tim and I love ya'll!

Lizard said...

That is one thing I would love to learn sometime in my life...Tagalog!