Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fall at the Farm (Part 3): Livin' the Country Life

Tim invested in a new tractor in the early fall. He bought his first one, Juice, in 2002. Juice had worked long and hard and had become a money pit. Too many repair bills.

A tractor is a necessity for Tim, not only for work at the farm, but for our land development business. So, he did a lot of research and finally settled on another Kubota, which we dubbed Juice II for its orange color.

On this day, in early fall, he was discing up food plots for the deer. He was a happy man!

Nick was a happy guy, too.


"Hey, I gave you a good picture. One's enough."

"Don't you know when to put that thing away?"

"Okay. One more, and that's it. Enough of anything's enough."

"Now this is more like it! Why didn't you say so? I woulda done a little more cheesin' for ya."

Livin' the country life - it's not for sissies!

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