Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Farm Thanksgiving

Tim, John, and I enjoyed Thanksgiving Day at the farm. It's rare for just the three of us to have a relaxing day together these days. We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect: crisp, fresh, country air, blue sky, and sunshine.

Tim began the morning with a hunt. John slept in. He got in late the night before.

Nick would have loved to go along.

But he had to content himself with lying in the sunshine.

The turkey turned out great. (I baked her in a turkey bag.)
Here's a before picture of the poor old girl twelve days before. Tim killed her at the farm. Getting ready to feast.

Tim set up the tripod and made family pictures of us for our Christmas card. I haven't sent out cards in many years, and I plan to revive that tradition this year.

He got in this extra one of me.
John with his Hummer and Nick. He thinks he might use these for advertising.

Our boy enjoyed relaxing at the farm. He works just about all the time. A new business is lots of work. I was so glad he could relax on this day.
Tim and John got in the box stand together for awhile. I drove them down and picked them up. They saw 18 doe at one time in the food plot. They didn't kill any. They were trophy hunting. I really think they just enjoyed spending time together enjoying nature.
Then we ate leftovers and relaxed by the fire. We each named things we were thankful for. We ended the day with a prayer of Thanksgiving. Another perfect ending for another perfect day.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! I want to cast my vote for your Christmas card - please use the one with the family - including Nick - on the big bail of hay - I really like that one the best - it's great!

You've really done a good job with the blog - I hope you keep it up - I really enjoy it - your commentary is sooooooo Susan! It's just like hearing you talk, which is great.