Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Christina!

Christina, our darling niece, who lives in NJ, much, much too far away, is celebrating her 9th birthday December 4th. This post is dedicated to her.

Christina, your Uncle Tim and I love you so very much! We wish we could be with you on your birthday. Here are some pictures of happy times we shared with you in the last year.

Here's a picture of you with your family when we visited the Newport mansions in Newport, RI, together at Thanksgiving last year.

Here's you and me at the Vanderbilt children's summer playhouse.

Here's a picture of you in the pretty outfit Grandad and Grandmother Jacque bought you.

Remember celebrating your and Grandad's birthdays on the last night?

Here's some pictures of our visit to American Girl in NYC last summer. Didn't we have fun?! I enjoyed all of it: getting Nikki's hair and facial done, the show, "Circle of Friends," tea in the tearoom, and of course, shopping! But most of all, I enjoyed spending time with you.
I like this picture of you and your mom.

Walking through the streets of NYC was an adventure. Remember we got tired of walking before we got back to the Port Authority? But we found some fruit smoothies that made us feel better

I like this pic of you and Uncle Tim. He looks different with hair, doesn't he? LOL!
Bedtime for you and Kit. Uncle Tim and I enjoyed tucking you in and praying with you.
We keep you in our prayers and look forward to seeing you again in June.

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