Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memories of Christmas Past (Part 5): 1984, John's First Christmas

Oh, joy! A baby boy! What a year 1984 was! John was born 2 weeks early. He arrived on Valentine's Day - our little sweetheart. (I don't think John looks at this blog very much at all. Don't tell him I'm on here calling him our little sweetheart - LOL!)

Christmas was extra special that year. Mark had a new someone too - his bride, Kim. They married in June. I was so happy to have Kim as a sister at long last. We had known her since she was 14; she was (and still is) a doll. Daddy had told me not long before he died, "If I was Mark, I would have changed that Kim's name a long time ago."

Mark and Kim came to Wichita to celebrate Thanksgiving. Then we put up the tree and had an early Christmas with them.

John "helping" his Aunt Kim decorate the tree.

"Oooo! Ball!"

Tim's mother brought her mom, whom we called Granger, by to meet John during the holidays. This is the only time she ever saw her great-grandson.

Mother took pictures of us to send out with Christmas cards.

We spent Christmas day with Tim's parents and sister, Jane, in Liberal. Jane went to a Christmas party and brought Santa home with her. The series of pics at the top of this post were made at that time. We settled John in on Santa's lap from the back so he didn't realize who was holding him. He was fine until he looked around and saw Santa; then the jig was up. Tim and I love that series of photos.

Yes, 1984 will always be a Christmas to remember.

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