Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Monopoly Champ

We spent Christmas Day at the farm. Some things remained the same. Tim, John, and Nick went for a walk.

We cooked up yummy stuff and ate - way too much.
Here's Tim making Eggnog Cinnamon-Raisin French Toast with John assisting, umm, observing him.

Nick was curious and didn't want to be left out of anything.

"Where did Tim go? What does he think he's doing, leaving me behind?"

"Hey ya'll! [ Nick is a southern dog :) ] "Don't forget about me. I want some of that good-smellin' food. It's Christmas, for Pete's sake."

But something was different, and I didn't like it. Not one bit.

We have long-standing tradition of playing Monopoly on Christmas night. And John ALWAYS wins. I NEVER win. Okay, I know those are generalities. But, for the most part, they're true. Maybe Tim has won a time or two. And I think maybe I won once - about 10 years ago.

It is a rowdy, loud, boisterous occasion. Tim and I are first-borns, John is an only, and I think partly as a result of that, we are all highly competitive. It gets crazy. Lots of jive-talkin'. And, Tim. Now, we have to watch him. Because, he likes to cheat. In the real world, you will never find a more ethical man. But when it comes to games, he thinks it's part of the fun. I'm "Little Miss Rule-Follower," and John and Tim tease me because I keep the rules handy, refer to them, and read them aloud whenever I think someone, umm, Tim, is getting off track.

This year, I knew my time had come. I just had this feeling. I was gonna win. I knew it. I kept telling John I was gonna "whup" him this year. And you know what he did? He went to sleep on the sofa by the fire. And wouldn't get up. Tim and I tried to drag him out and make him play. But, he would not budge. Wimped out on me. Cause he knew I was gonna "whup" him this year.

So, by reason of default, I hereby declare myself the "Monopoly Champion for 2008."

Hmmm. It's just not the same as winning after playing a rip-roaring game. I feel cheated.

Monopoly anyone? I hear there's a new version out: "Monopoly Here and Now, World Edition."
You may have heard of it. Or even played it. You use a debit card - imagine that! What's this world coming to?

I thing I'm going out to get it today and challenge Tim to a game tomorrow, New Year's Day. I want to start the new year off right :)


Lizard said...

Sis. Z,

We'll all have to get together sometime...Mikey and I love Monopoly! And the new edition rocks!


Susan said...

Liz, I would love that! Amanda told me about playing the new version at your house. I actually did go out and buy it, but we haven't played it yet. It looks like so much fun!