Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Office Christmas Party

Our annual office Christmas party was at John's house this year. Someone remarked that it was the smallest group we've ever had. Several people couldn't make it this year, but what we lacked in number, we sure made up for in fun!

First, we ate. Of course! Two Sisters Catering provided the feast, and a feast it was!

Then we played games. The girls played "Catchphrase."

We girls are definitely verbal :)

The guys played ping-pong.

Here's the two Tims in action.
Then we played "Dirty Santa."

Then we sat around and watched Jimbo do impersonations.
He had us rolling!

Here he is impersonating my husband. You'd just have to see it. And know Tim. Jimbo has Tim down pat.

If you know Jimbo, ask him to do an impersonation for you. Tell him I sent you :)

He'll make you laugh.

Then, of course, we ate some more.
The guys played more ping-pong.

Hamming it up. (Can you see the ball in the air?)

And we girls sat and talked some more. We girls are definitely verbal :)

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