Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Church Christmas Celebration

Sunday was a special time at our church. We had our regular Sunday morning service; our pastor preached a stirring message. That evening we had a special time to celebrate the Christmas season. A mailing had been sent out to the entire city of North Little Rock as well as Sherwood. We had lots and lots of visitors.
The Children's Winter Wonderland began at 6:00. It included a Puppet Village, Bethlehem Stable with real animals to pet, Gingerbread Lane, and Teddy Bear Land. There was plenty of steaming hot chocolate. It was a good evening for that - it was extra cold for this southern climate!
At 7:00 we had a gospel Christmas concert in the main auditorium. There were many different types of music: southern gospel, bluegrass, classical, as well as various choirs, including a 100 voice children's choir. It was annointed and uplifting. I'm so thankful for all our talented musicians and singers.
Most of all, of course, we are thankful for our pastor, for his vision and wise leadership. We are blessed to be a part of FPC of NLR!


Anonymous said...

Sis Z!!!!! I love your blog! It is so awesome! I read it everyday! Love you!
Marilyn =)

Susan said...

Marilyn!!!! Thank you! Your feedback is encouraging! I love you; you are one of my special girls!