Monday, December 8, 2008

Ozark Mountain Christmas Weekend

Thursday afternoon Tim and I headed out for Branson. Tim wanted to stop by the farm and check his deer cam (deer cam post coming up sometime soon), and we needed to pick up a few things, so we stopped there first.

We arrived at a beautiful time of day. This tree by the front gate still had some pretty foliage.

This wagon/stage road that crosses our property is about 150 years old. About half way down the trail, it overlooks a field where Tim has a foodplot for the deer. We drove down to see if we could sneak up on any deer. Sure enough, there was a group of them. They took off when they heard us.

There were a few deer in the front yard.

Then as we drove back up toward the gate, we saw 11 deer in the field. They were in two groups, one on either side of the driveway. They didn't seem to be disturbed by us. They frolicked around, running and playing, their white tails waving like flags.

On Friday, Tim and I saw "Grand Canyon" at the Imax. Tim says we no sooner get home from one trip than I'm planning the next one, and it's true. I told him a trip to the Grand Canyon and the southwest U.S. sounds good for about February when it gets miserably cold here. After all, my birthday is in February, and that would be a good way to celebrate. He just smiled and shook his head. I'm gonna keep workin' on him. :)
Friday night, we saw "Noah, the Musical." I had heard it was good, but we were not prepared for just how outstanding it would be. It rivaled any Broadway show we've ever seen.
The live animals outside were just a hint of what was to come. There must have been hundreds of animals, many real, many life-size animatronic. It was fabulous!

John came up to join us! We were so happy about that! He rarely takes a Saturday off. He got in late Friday night. On Saturday, we ate, took in shows, ate some more (John loves to eat - he no sooner eats one meal than he is getting ready for the next!), and went shopping.
Here's some pictures at Branson Landing. John needed cold weather gear. We got some great deals at Belk on a leather coat and a lightweight parka for him, along with gloves, earmuffs, and a hat. He was a happy (and warm) camper.
We ate dinner at Cantina Laredo at the Landing overlooking the fire and water display.

We capped off the day with Shoji's Christmas show. It was spectacular (as usual)! Here's a clip.

Thank you, John for spending time with your Mom and Dad! We enjoyed you so much! We love you!

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