Friday, December 5, 2008

A Visit From Dad and Jacque, Part I, Saturday evening

We were so happy to have Dad and Jacque visit us. They arrived on Saturday evening. We enjoyed a meal together - Mary B.'s hot tamales, my venison chili, and all the trimmings. Tim was a huge help to me in getting the meal ready. He made the cheese dip and the brownies. We had fun working together in the kitchen.

We celebrated Dad's upcoming birthday, which will be on Dec. 9. Then we exchanged Christmas gifts. It was truly a wonderful evening.

Excuse my athletic shoes - that tile kitchen floor gets hard!

Jacque loves Nick, and she loves to spoil him. Nick loves for her to spoil him. Here she is playing with him with a toy she and Dad gave him. He got pretty frisky for a 10 year old Lab. We couldn't believe it because he's usually not active in the evenings. He was excited.
Dad opening his birthday gift, a flannel plaid Polo shirt. What was funny is that I had bought Tim and John each one just like it. They both had on their shirts; it was not planned.

Jacque with her MacKenzie-Childs pot. She collects this pattern.

Tim loves opening packages.

John helped Grandad play Santa.

Dad opening his sweater.
John still gets excited about his Christmas gifts. Grandad and Jacque got him a neat set of stamps featuring 50's cars. They had it framed in chrome to coordinate with the chrome on the cars. It's perfect for his office.
Nick didn't play long. He went back to his snoozing.

Tim thought maybe this was going to be a helmet.

But, it turned out to be a beautiful covered casserole dish.

I must have been a good girl, because I got this neat pepper mill ( I have been wanting one and I really like this red ) . . .
. . . as well as this beautiful and practical set of Emile Henry mixing bowls. Jacque knows I enjoy cooking and I like using red in my kitchen.
My Sweet Baby gave me this CoolPix camera. I love it! It's going to make blogging much easier! It's lightweight, smaller than my iphone, has 8 megapixels, makes movies, black and white pics, sepia toned pics, vivid color pics, and more. I need to sit down with the manual and really learn how to use all the features. Thank you, Tim! You are the best! I love you!
Thank you, Dad and Jacque for such thoughtful gifts! This was a fun evening!
More about our visit coming up in the next post.

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