Friday, December 5, 2008

A Visit From Dad and Jacque, Part II, Sunday and Monday

On Sunday morning, we all went to church and then had lunch at the Clinton Presidential Library.

Then Jacque, Dad, Tim and I took in the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Arts Center. Although it was a cold, wet day, we stopped to admire this beautiful tree outside the Arts Center.

On Monday, the four of us had brunch at Mimi's Cafe. Then Jacque and I headed out for some girl time while Tim and Dad spent some time together. Jacque wanted to go to a store where they had nice Christmas ornaments. I took her to Tipton's. She couldn't get over the quality and the abundance of beautiful Christmas things. She said even many large cities don't have stores that carry such nice Christmas decor. I guess I took Tipton's for granted all these years.
Jacque was particularly interested in copper ornaments. She liked this display surrounding the interior of the entrance.

Then we paid a visit to Kim. She had called earlier that day and invited Jacque and me over for coffee and dessert. Here's Jacque outside Kim's and Mark's lovely home.

We enjoyed our visit with Kim and Natalie. Here's me with Dali. She was so excited to see me. She is old - 13. She ran around and encouraged me to chase her. Kim couldn't believe it. She said Dali had not acted like that for a long time. Of course, I had to give her a lot of lovin'.
Thanks, Kim, for the chocolate coffee! (Kim makes the best coffee in the whole world. It's true!)
And for the delicious bread. I always enjoy coming to your house.

Next, Jacque and I went to Cobblestone and Vine. We both love that store and usually go there when she visits. We each found some treasures.
The last stop was Williams-Sonoma, where we each found some more treasures. I got Dad and Tim each a box of peppermint bark. I must say it was a hit. We went home and had cheese dip and then ate quite a lot of peppermint bark. It is definitely addictive!
Nick was glad to have us back home. Here he is playing with another toy from Jacque and Dad.

Tim and Dad had their own adventures. Tim took Dad out to see a road that TNT, Tim's excavation company, is building. Then he took him to see Vista Valley, a new development we are doing. Then they went up to the farm.
Here they are relaxing at the end of the day.

We enjoyed you, Dad and Jacque! Come back soon!

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