Tuesday, January 20, 2009

John's House: Before and After

One year ago this month John bought his first house. As you can see from these pictures, he has come a long, long way in a year. He still needs some furniture, rugs, window treatments, wall art, and accessories, but I wanted to document the progress that has been made in a year.

This is what the exterior looked like. He has since had the brick painted and the old shrubs removed. No after pictures yet. This spring/summer he plans to add old-world plank style shutters and some new landscaping.

Living Room: Before

Living Room: After

Master Bedroom : Before
This is Jason, without whom John would have been at a total loss. Jason and his wife Angie have remodeled and flipped several homes. Jason volunteered and came and worked for about seven or eight weeks. He and John would work in the evenings after their jobs. They worked many, many nights until midnight or after. They worked all day on Saturdays and I believe even a few Sunday afternoons. You just don't find very many friends in life like Jason

Master Bedroom: After

Master Bath: Before

Master Bath: After

There's Tim making pictures. Up a little, dear, and get the new light fixture, please. :)

Guest Bedroom One: Before

Guest Bedroom One: After
Tim's mother gave us this bed when we bought our first house. I had slept in it when I visited Tim's parents' home when Tim and I were engaged. I thought it was so pretty, and I felt like a princess when I woke up the first morning in their lovely guest room. The bed is from the civil war period. There are two other pieces that go with it. I think John's Me-me would be happy to know we passed this on to him for his first home.

Hall/Guest Bath: Before

Hall/Guest Bath: After
This picture just does not do this room justice. It turned out so pretty. The white bottom portion of the walls are beadboard.

Guest Bedroom Two: Before

Guest Bedroom Two: After

Kitchen: Before

Kitchen : After

The small table and chairs were set up for the Christmas party. They are not normally there.

Family Room: Before
Family Room: After
The old trunk, serving as an end table at the end of the sofa, belonged to John's great, great, grandfather (Tim's great grandfather).

Dining Room: Before

Dining Room: After
The spindle-backed chairs were Tim's mother's. (The folding chairs, again, were set out for the Christmas party.)

Laundry Room: Before

Oops! No after pictures of the laundry room. I can report that it was all redone with beadboard walls and ceiling and tile floor. While it is not decorated, it is clean and neat. A big improvement!

Game Room: Before
Game Room : After
You really can't see the details, but this room turned out much nicer than I ever thought possible. Nick M. put in canned lighting (which Troy W. did in the rest of the house). Nick did the trim work in this room, textured the walls, and stained the concrete floor.

The game room seems to be a popular place. Next to the kitchen or dining room or whereever the food is. :)

The back yard has a beautiful swimming pool with a liner that was only a couple of years old when John bought the house. I have a before but not an after picture, so I will post those this summer.

This house was really a blessing from the Lord. I saw an ad in the Sunday paper that I thought was too good to be true. The next morning I decided to call on it. The seller told me he already had it sold. The buyer was bringing him the earnest money that afternoon. He said his phone had been ringing off the hook, but he agreed to take my number and call me if the deal fell through. Late that afternoon, he called. The buyer's girlfriend was upset because she hadn't got to look at the house yet, and they couldn't come until Wednesday, two days later.

I told the seller, "I am turning my car around and heading to the house now." When I found it, I saw it was in a good neighborhood and looked good from the outside. I called Tim and John. They came almost immediately. When the seller arrived, he found us converged in the driveway.

He explained their situation. They had already bought a new home in one of NLR's best areas. The house was vacant. Ah, that was good! He seemed very motivated to sell it.

When he opened the front door, we were greeted by the smell of DOG. There was old furniture and junk laying around. The house needed a major facelift. It was just what we were looking for. :)

Tim started bargaining. The seller wanted to sell the house "as is." While it appeared to have "good bones," we wanted to know what was under those "bones." We called Troy Willis. Bless his heart. He came immediately even though it was now about 8:30 and dark and cold outside. He went up in the attic. He crawled under the house. He assured us that it was in good shape structurally. The only thing he could see was that the electrical needed to be brought up to code.

We struck a deal, and in about a month John was a homeowner. The Lord blessed him with a sweet deal. And the opportunity to earn a little sweat equity, a character-building experience. :)

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