Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Friend's New Home, Plus a Bonus - Rylie!

Jackie, Kim, and Rylie

Last Friday afternoon, I had the pleasure of visiting with my dear friend, Kim, in her new home. She and her husband, Jackie built a beautiful new house last year. I had been there several times during construction, but I had not seen it since they moved in. She was going to take her Christmas things down on Saturday, so we agreed on Friday for the visit.

She gave me the tour - the house is gorgeous. She fed me, and we had a nice visit. Later Jackie came in from work, Tim called and was leaving work, so we all met up at Cracker Barrel and had dinner. Tim had not seen the house since they moved in, so they invited us back. When we got to the house, we were greeted by Kim's mother, Lou, and a friend, Michelle, who had stopped by. And then, oh joy, Rylie showed up! She and her parents, Jackie and Jen, were on their way to eat and came by. Oh, we had so much fun with Miss Rylie!

Jackie and Jen

Now, it was easy to tell Kim is a grandmother. She had Christmas everywhere - villages (lots of villages), angels, and a lovely nativity scene. She even had a Christmas room! What a magical place for a child! In addition to the tree were animated carolers, an animated Santa and Mrs. Claus, and other things too numerous to list. But, the thing that impressed me most was that, with the exception of a few things placed up high, Rylie was allowed to touch anything. (Of course, Rylie is not a destructive child and is amazingly careful for a two-year-old).

Kim also had several animated stuffed animals and toys that played Christmas music. Rylie liked to get them all going at once.

Here's a clip of Kim and Rylie.

Rylie also enjoyed "playing" an electronic keyboard that belonged to her daddy when he was a little boy.

Here she is jammin'.

What a fun time we had! Thanks, Kim & Jackie, and Jackie & Jen for sharing the joy of Rylie with Tim and me!

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