Friday, March 20, 2009

Ga-ga over Gabe

If the posts on "This is Z Life" all seem to be about Gabe lately, it's because we are a little ga-ga. Ga-ga over Gabe. He is an absolutely adorable cuddle-baby!

Here's grandmother, Kim, Lauren's mom, just after she came out of the delivery room. She was glowing!

Grandpa Darwin, Lauren's dad, looks mighty proud of his boy.
So do grandparents David and Mary, Tim's A's parents, who are here from West Virginia.

My Tim is just as smitten as I am :)

Aunt Charity, Tim A's sister is enjoying lovin' on her nephew.

So is great-grandmother Zelmadene, Tim A's grandmother, Mary's mother.
Great-grandparents, Gan-gan and Poppa T., Lauren's maternal grandparents, beam with pride at Gabe's first church service. Gan-gan, Carolyn, cried when she first heard Gabe's name. His middle name, Ison, was her maiden name. Her father was a pioneer Pentecostal preacher. Gabe has a great spirtual heritage on both sides of his family. He is sixth generation Pentecostal.

Poppa T went over during the offering and gave Gabe his first offering to place in the container.

Great-aunt Karen

Great-aunt Kim

Now this one's pretty special - can you guess why? :)

On Tuesday, Lauren took Gabe to the bank where she worked. John just happened to come in. She said she made him hold Gabe and took this picture. I don't remember John ever holding a baby before. He called me and told me about it. He sounded ga-ga over Gabe too.

He said all the ladies who work at the bank were "just going crazy" over Gabe.

Ga-ga over Gabe. I guess it's catchin' :)

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