Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lament of the February Blog

Woe is me! I am a poor, neglected stepchild! Susan has hardly paid any attention to me. I know I'm the shortest month in the year, but only one blog post about me? It's not fair!

She started blogging in October and posted 28 times before the end of the year. Then January got 9 posts. So why, oh why, did she leave me out in the cold?

It's not like I'm an uninteresting month. Oh, I know my reputation. I know people complain about me, that I'm gray, cold, and overstay my welcome.

But, Susan, of all people, knows there's more to me than that! I, February, am the month of her birth. Okay, so she did acknowledge that in her one little bitty post on the 16th. But even that was over two weeks late! I come in with a bang just for her. Her birthday is on the first day of the month. You'd think that alone would get me a little special attention.

Then there's the matter of her only child's birthday being on the 14th - he's a Valentine! Wouldn't you think that would get a mention? And, this year he hit the quarter-century mark. But, did she write about that? Oh, no! Nary a word!

And what about that elegant Valentine banquet her sweetheart took her too? Nothing about that either.

Then there's the matter of spring, the little flirt, peeking through winter's misty curtain. Daffodils popping up, bobbing their yellow heads gaily. Robins hopping about, searching for fat worms. All manner of birds chirping, flitting around gathering twigs for nest-building. Yellow forsythia branches, reaching their slender arms toward the sky. Tulip trees, sporting their dainty pink dresses, decked out like little girls on Easter Sunday in all their finery. Wild dogwoods, sprinkled throughout expanses of woodland, suddenly popping out their snowy blossoms, bringing hope that spring is indeed on the way. Canadian geese arriving at the farm, honking as they begin their nesting on the island.

Then to top it all off, on the last night of my watch, fat snowflakes falling thick and fast, spreading a fluffy covering on all the colorful, spring blossoms. A gentle snow, gone by morning.

Oh, there were lots and lots of things to tell about me, February. Lots and lots of pictures to show. Is Susan ashamed of herself? Does she feel one bit bad about treating me so shabbily?

I await her response.

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