Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making It Up to February, Part I

Dear February, please accept my apologies. I would feel the same way if I were you. I did not intend to give you such scant attention. I just got busy . . . I got sick . . . we had a lot going on at the office . . . . Okay, I know those sound like excuses to you. But, I had good intentions. I even tried to blog about the birthday party for John, but Blogger just would not cooperate that day. Not that I'm blaming Blogger. I take full responsibility for neglecting you.

So, I'm making it up to you, February. Here's the first post. More on the way! We had some great days:

We had an early surprise birthday party for John on February 7. He turned 25 on the 14th. Yes, he's a Valentine, and while that's pretty special, we learned long ago we have to celebrate early or late because the rest of the world is "Valentining" on his birthday.

Tim and I hosted the party at John's house, and he was totally surprised. He came in from a long day's work and opened his front door. I wish I would have captured the look on his face when everyone yelled, "Surprise!"

Silly me. I assumed the Summit (college and career group) would be free on a Saturday night since most of their activities are on Friday night. Wouldn't you know they had a long-planned trip to Hot Springs to sing that night. I should have checked first. But, we did have a good turnout of young married couples and one engaged couple. Thanks to all of you came and made the evening so much fun!

We ate Mary B's famous tamales with all the trimmings. (I need to do a post on those tamales and their history - that's a great story.) "Mardot," my dear friend and the Queen of Cookies, sent over a plate of her famous chocolate chip cookies. (Land's sakes alive! I'm craving one now! Mardot, are you reading this?) (Can anyone guess who "Mardot" is and how she got her name?)

The girls and I sat around and talked. Mainly about babies. Angie and Jason brought 11 month old Jaxon. He is a charmer, and we all loved on him. Lauren's and Tim's baby is due any day now. And just last weekend, Kara and John W. announced that they, too, are expecting a little one! Hmmm, no wonder we talked about babies!

The guys played ping-pong. And by that I mean they jumped and dove and whooped and hollered and talked smack and made so much noise that we had to close the door to the game room in order to think straight! Oh, my goodness gracious, those guys had a big ole time!

I have tried and tried, to no avail, to upload videos of the ping-pong game. So, I guess a still-shot will have to do. Sorry, "Reg," I don't have you in a still-shot. Sorry, Jimbo, you either. Hey, I didn't even get a pic of you. Being the hostess and the official photographer at the same time is challenging for a gal like me.

Yes, February 7th was a fun day!

More comin' up!

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Anonymous said...

My dear Susan,
I had no idea you craved my cookies. I must have been devinely inspired when I brought you a dozen last Sunday, March 1. Having you for a friend is a constant source of inspiration for me. Whenever I need a boost, encouragement, or prayer partner, you are always there for me. So next time you crave my cookies, just let me know - it will be my pleasure to help fulfill that particular craving! Always - Mardot