Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Berry Pickers

How many differences can you find in these two pictures? Ha! A better question might be, "How many similarities can you find?" It wouldn't take long to answer that one. Let's see; there are ladies in both pictures. They are picking something. That's about it.
The top picture is of my dear, dear friend, Darla, and me on the 4th of July. We were picking blackberries when the second picture suddenly popped into my head. I asked Darla, "Do you remember 'The Berry Pickers?' " My mother had that print hanging on her wall during the nineties. Yes, Darla remembered it well. "Well, Darla," I said, "I know one thing. They sure weren't picking blackberries."
We hooted with laughter. Drenched with sweat, scratched by thorns, coated with Deep Woods Off! to ward off the chiggers, we stepped carefully to alert any nearby snakes of our presence in the hope that they would flee. And after I saw one evil looking spider, I just tried to put spiders out of my mind.
No, the setting for the painting is most definitely not anywhere in the deep South in July. Perhaps these lovely ladies were picking blueberries on a cool summer day in Maine. Perhaps they were picking cranberries in some other mild clime. One thing is for certain, they wouldn't look quite so nice in the briers of a blackberry patch in a hot Arkansas summer.
But they surely couldn't have had any more fun than Darla and I had that day. Friends since we were teenagers, we only see each other about once a year. Darla lives in Wichita, and she and her family usually come to see us during the summer.
Tim helped us. And Blake, Darla's 12 year old boy. Blake is a doll; we love him. He gets his own post coming up soon.
Last year Darla was here for the 4th, and we picked blackberries. The picking was much easier then. It didn't take us long to get lots of berries from one patch. This year it was much more challenging. The deer had a head start on us; they had eaten a lot of the berries. We had to pick four separate patches and work much harder. In fact, Tim got the tractor and bush-hogged an opening in a thicket so we could get to enough to cook up a double recipe of blackberry-peach crisp. It was well worth the effort. We ate dessert first that night before we cooked up a shrimp boil for dinner.
We made some sweet summer memories. More pics coming soon.
And, oh yes. The blackberry-peach crisp? Recipe for that coming up, too.


Kaylie said...

One is wearing pink and one is wearing blue!! that's another similarity! =)

Susan said...

Kaylie-good to hear from you :) And, you're right! I hadn't thought of that

Catherine Anne said...

It was so nice to meet you today. What a nice blog and a lovely family ~ Catherine

Penny Wyatt Photography said...

Just want you to know I'm following your blog, now you must update it !!!

Susan said...

Penny, thank you for commenting and for encouraging me. You are so sweet to do that. I really enjoy blogging and I have good intentions. I will get something up soon.