Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blog Posts in My Head, Part 2: Scott's Graduation

These pictures are from the trip we took last June that I actually DID post about.  After we left NYC, we headed out for Pequannock, New Jersey, about 40 minutes away, where Tim's sister and her family live.  Tim's dad and stepmom were there too, and we all had a great time together during Scott's high school graduation weekend.  I like the picture below, on the football field after the ceremony, because Tim's dad is with both of his children and all of his grandchildren, which is a pretty rare occurrence. 

Three generations of good looking Zimmerman men:)

Our darling niece, Christina, and her bunny with Grandad, the night before graduation, when Jane and Steve hosted a family party for Scott at their home.

This is Tom, or Pop-pop, as Jane and Steve's kids call their other grandfather, Steve's dad.  We love Tom.  He's always fun to be around.  Upbeat, well-read, down to earth.  Great conversationalist.  

It was chilly, so the guys built a fire and we sat around it and sipped on hot tea and coffee and had a cozy chat.  John and his cousins got online to look for good deals on cars.

On graduation day, we went outlet shopping.  Christina and I had fun finding some bargains.  I love this little girl.  She is so sweet and so girly.

After graduation, we all went out to eat at a "diner," as they say in "Joisey."  We southerners have never been able to figure out that "diner" thing.  We have diners, but NJ diners just look like regular restaurants to us.  Things are just different in "Joisey."  It's definitely not the south.

But, we love our NJ kinfolks!   Here's Scott, with his sibs, Brian, and Christina.  

That's all for now, folks!


Penny Wyatt Photography said...

I love the new layout, you have got to tell me where you found it. It is so cute. Hope you are feeling much better !

Susan said...

Thanks, Penny. The new layout was done by "The Blog Fairy." There is now a button up; you can just click on it to get to her website. She was great to work with and worked magic on this blog :)

Anonymous said...

I know! The pics are so large! =)I love it!

Looks like a great family! Glad you enjoyed New "Joisey"...

I get a lot of Northers call the VA, and at the end of the call they say, "And might I ask where I am calling, Texas? You have such a distint accent"
In other words, I sound like a hick, I guess... =)