Friday, January 29, 2010

White Stuff/Way Back

In honor of the white stuff coming down here in central Arkansas, I interrupt the series "The Blog Posts in my Head" to bring you a "way back" picture from more than twenty years ago.  

John was four years old.   We got a big snow, which is rare for this area.  Then, if I remember correctly, it didn't snow again in central Arkansas for seven years.

That white stuff coming down out there is not pretty, fluffy snow.  It's ice.  But, maybe there will be some good sledding :)


Penny Wyatt Photography said...

Aww, John looks so cute. Hope you didn't get out in the white stuff. We did, hope it looks prettier tomorrow !

Kaylie said...

I love your new blog! It looks great! And it's so cute how the family photos are in frames! =)

Susan said...

Thank you, Penny! That was a fun day all those many years ago. Tim and I were so young. We got out and sledded with John like a couple of kids.

I only got out briefly. With the big fluffy snowflakes that are falling now I imagine it will be beautiful in the morning.

Susan said...

Thanks, Kaylie! I'm pretty excited about the new blog design. Maybe it will be an incentive to me to post more regularly :) Did you notice the view outside the window? That is from a picture made at the farm and is typical for this time of year. Check back late Sunday or early Monday and see what the header looks like for February.