Sunday, February 21, 2010

John's Birthday Party

John had a happy birthday - can you tell?

Tim and I took John to brunch at Ashley's after church on Sunday morning.  He had a good time with Mom and Dad.

But the real fun was Sunday night after church when three great friends, Nathalie, Kyle, and Beau threw a party for John at his house.

Kyle and Beau's parents made venison chili with the deer Beau killed at the farm at Christmas.  Belva brought some awesome brownies.  She gave me the recipe.  Thanks, Belva :)

Nathalie's mom, Ericka, manned the kitchen.

The guys played ping-pong.  Of course.

The girls talked and talked some more - they are girls, after all.

We older girls talked too - we are still girls, after all.

Some of the guys played guitar in one room while the cd player blared contemporary Christian music in another room.

It was loud - and lots of fun!

Did I mention the girls talked.  They laughed, squealed, and hammed it up for the camera.  Did I mention that they are girls, after all?

They decided to call John in from a ping-pong game to get his picture made with the group.  They didn't have to ask him twice :)

Nick enjoyed the attention everyone gave him, especially a special little lady by the name of Mary Grace.

It sure made this mom feel so good to know that her boy has good friends who love him and care enough about him to throw him a party.  Thanks to all of you who came.

I'm so sorry I didn't get pictures of everyone.  I only had my iphone camera, and the battery finally went dead.  I'm especially sorry I didn't get pics of Kyle and Beau.

And Belva and Sherm, that picture of us?  It didn't turn out good, so I didn't post it.  Trust me on this.

Fun time.  Good memories.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Birthday #26, John!

Whether cherubic angel  . . . 

Or mischievous boy . . .

Through these 26 years, you've brought us much joy.

Happy Birthday, John!
We love you!

Mom and Dad

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's, Tim!

How sweet it is to be loved by you!

We Have a Winner!

We have a winner in the "Name These People Photo Contest".  Eva (Halbrook) Pierce correctly identified everyone in the first picture.  They are as follows:

Top row, left to right, standing:  Susan Brockinton Zimmerman (yours truly), several have confirmed what I thought about the next girl whom I did not include in the contest because I was unsure of her identity - it's Cindy Haney, then Doug Smith, and Kitty Ott.

Seated in the grass:  The young man with his hand over his face is Dewayne Seigrist, the young ladies are Karen Dollar Gibson, Margaret Davis Echols, Faith Holmes Cavin, and Rachel Haney Smith.

Thanks to those of you who participated!

Eva has asked that I donate the giftcard to someone, and I have already selected that person.  She is a very special friend of mine.

Can anyone guess the identity of the lady in the blue dress in the second picture?

Happy Birthday, Mardot! AND "Name These People" Photo Contest

This post has a two-fold purpose:  to wish my dear, dear friend Mardot a happy birthday and, as the title indicates,  to have a photo contest.

Today is Mardot's birthday.  We have been friends for 36 years.  You may find that hard to believe, but we've been friends practically since infancy :)  A truer friend than Mardot would be hard to find.  She has walked with me through the sunshine and through the storms of life.

If you're a local reader and are wondering who Mardot is, you should know that Mardot is what John called her when he was a little boy, and Mardot she has been to us ever since.  Her real name is Margaret.

Mardot is like Tim in that she really doesn't like to have attention drawn to her, but I hope she will know that I am doing this post because I love her and want to do a little something special for her on this blog on her special day.

I have an old picture of the two of us somewhere, but when I searched through my pictures I couldn't find it.  The photo above is the only old photo (okay - really old) I could come up with.   This picture was made in the mid 70's.  Mardot is there.  Along with some other people you local readers know.

So, here's the contest:  Be the first person to correctly identify everyone in the photo above and I will send you a Starbucks gift card for $5.  Or a gift card, in the same amount, to the AP Cafe, if you prefer.

That's everyone in the photo above with the exception of the girl to the right of the girl in the red top at the left of the picture.  I think I recognize her, but I'm not sure, so we won't count her.

Here's another picture below to give you a little more help with the lady in the red top on the right side of the first picture.  This picture below was made on the same day after we finally got to Petit Jean.

Bonus:  In addition to identifying everyone in the top picture, if you also identify the lady in the blue dress in the picture below, I'll up the gift card to $7.  That will get you a good lunch at the AP Cafe :)

Note to readers who are not familiar with the AP Cafe:  It is located at First Pentecostal Church of North Little Rock.  It is between Building One and Building Two.  You can park in the circle drive in front and walk straight up the sidewalk to the doors to the cafe.  It is much better than Starbucks!  Great value and a fun atmosphere.  Noisy dining in front, quiet dining in back.  Or you can order to go.  (Just had to put in a plug for AP Cafe here).  Oh, and AP stands for "After Prayer".  The church is open for prayer 24/7.  I sometimes call the cafe BP and AP because I eat, or snack, twice.

I guess this post turned out to have three purposes instead of two:  (1) Happy Birthday, Mardot! (2) Photo Contest (3) plug for the AP Cafe.

But the most important one:  Happy Birthday, Mardot!  I love you, my friend!

Friday, February 12, 2010

They Made My Day!

When I went to CA today, the first-graders had a surprise for me.  They were so excited as we walked down the hall from the first grade classroom to our Reading Resort.  "Close your eyes!" called out Sterling.  When I opened the door, here's what I found:

Handmade valentines, a chic eyeglass case embroidered with an "S."

 I don't know who was more excited, the children or me!  I was surprised - and pleased!

I love these kids!  They are a bright spot in my life!

Thank you, Candy and the CA first graders.  You made my day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Ride

Our ride last week in sunny Costa Maya, Mexico

Our ride six days later, the day after we returned home

Variety is the spice of life!