Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mardot! AND "Name These People" Photo Contest

This post has a two-fold purpose:  to wish my dear, dear friend Mardot a happy birthday and, as the title indicates,  to have a photo contest.

Today is Mardot's birthday.  We have been friends for 36 years.  You may find that hard to believe, but we've been friends practically since infancy :)  A truer friend than Mardot would be hard to find.  She has walked with me through the sunshine and through the storms of life.

If you're a local reader and are wondering who Mardot is, you should know that Mardot is what John called her when he was a little boy, and Mardot she has been to us ever since.  Her real name is Margaret.

Mardot is like Tim in that she really doesn't like to have attention drawn to her, but I hope she will know that I am doing this post because I love her and want to do a little something special for her on this blog on her special day.

I have an old picture of the two of us somewhere, but when I searched through my pictures I couldn't find it.  The photo above is the only old photo (okay - really old) I could come up with.   This picture was made in the mid 70's.  Mardot is there.  Along with some other people you local readers know.

So, here's the contest:  Be the first person to correctly identify everyone in the photo above and I will send you a Starbucks gift card for $5.  Or a gift card, in the same amount, to the AP Cafe, if you prefer.

That's everyone in the photo above with the exception of the girl to the right of the girl in the red top at the left of the picture.  I think I recognize her, but I'm not sure, so we won't count her.

Here's another picture below to give you a little more help with the lady in the red top on the right side of the first picture.  This picture below was made on the same day after we finally got to Petit Jean.

Bonus:  In addition to identifying everyone in the top picture, if you also identify the lady in the blue dress in the picture below, I'll up the gift card to $7.  That will get you a good lunch at the AP Cafe :)

Note to readers who are not familiar with the AP Cafe:  It is located at First Pentecostal Church of North Little Rock.  It is between Building One and Building Two.  You can park in the circle drive in front and walk straight up the sidewalk to the doors to the cafe.  It is much better than Starbucks!  Great value and a fun atmosphere.  Noisy dining in front, quiet dining in back.  Or you can order to go.  (Just had to put in a plug for AP Cafe here).  Oh, and AP stands for "After Prayer".  The church is open for prayer 24/7.  I sometimes call the cafe BP and AP because I eat, or snack, twice.

I guess this post turned out to have three purposes instead of two:  (1) Happy Birthday, Mardot! (2) Photo Contest (3) plug for the AP Cafe.

But the most important one:  Happy Birthday, Mardot!  I love you, my friend!

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Kaylie said...

I love seeing old pictures of people you know! Especially if they were taken before I was around. I really love the picture of your mom and my Aunt Kitty. Sis. Brockinton looks so much like you do now! Seeing this photo made me tear up! I miss having Aunt Kitty tease me at church-She told me one time, right before she passed away, that if I gained weight I would "have a big ol' butt". LOL That was her alright! This photo reminds me of a time when I was little and went camping with her and my grandparents. I had never seen her without her hair up and I remember watching her lean forward and wrap her hair around so fast into that little top knot. Not sure why that sticks out in my memory! LOL Thanks for the great post!